We are the uncommon brokerage firm. Any logistics company can throw you a cheap rate but we work with quality carriers so your delivery is on time and on budget. We have over 80 years of combined experience that we bring to your business. Whether your freight is in the United States, Canada or Mexico we use our extensive knowledge and can-do attitude in conjunction with our vast quality carrier base to support all your shipping needs. Customer service is our greatest resource and we go the extra mile. Don’t let delivery anxiety ruin your day let us do the heavy lifting.

Sit back and relax.
Ship with ALL GOOD LOGISTICS and you won’t have a bad day.


I have been working with Mike Yedinak for about 20 years now in this Logistics/Export Industry.
Mike has such a will to be the best and do the best to accomplish customer satisfaction on so many levels.
Since the day he walked into our office, he has exceeded the expectations of not only myself but to all of my coworkers on a daily basis. I know when our cargo is in Mike's and his colleagues’ hands, we can trust that our freight is in good order and will meet all of our shipping needs.

I am very proud of where Mike has come and feel that this Industry can truly feel confident to offer our customers the best in Logistics when Mike is handling our freight.

Deanna Fiordo
Customer Service Supervisor
Shipco Transport Inc.

All Good Logistics is a dependable carrier and a great team to work with!  They are not like most vendors and you get what you pay for when using AGL.   To top it off, you don’t need to monitor or worry about your pick-up’s, you are in good hands as they do the leg work for you and will keep you as updated along the way.


Dawn Versetto
Branch Manager
Vanguard Logistics, Chicago

Mike has been providing excellent service on trucking for many years.  He has handled hundreds of moves for me and Matt Marshall, over the years so I highly encourage you to reach out to Mike with any pricing needs you have.

Best regards,

Richard Suwinski
Branch Manager
Woodland Group

All Good has helped us out of some tough situations in the past, and I always remember that when booking a trucker.
Also your rates are always received quickly and are generally competitive. It helps too that working with you guys is normally easier than dealing with some of these other carriers LOL.

Krystle Gonzalez
Senior LCL Customer Service Representative
Shipco Transport, Inc.

Thank you so much your swift action on this. The load was successfully picked up and we really appreciate it!
Thank you to everyone involved.

Morgan Harbosky
Beauty Material OPSPOC
Proctor and Gamble

Thank you. My husband and I both agree that you have been great to work with. Thank you!

Rebecca Gengler
More Polish Pottery
Morepolishpottery.com and AllPolishthings.com

When we are with All Goods, we are safe 😊

Gloria Franson
LCL Customer Service
Shipco Transport Inc.

You are really very good, so easy to work with !!!
Thank you so very much for a job well done !!

We use (allgood) for LCL export shipments, they are VERY reliable, we love working with them, ...

Best regards,

Inna Bullock
Ocean Operations Manager, Tukwila WA
Shipco Transport Inc.

All Good Logistics is one of the best companies we’ve worked with.  Currently, in this logistics business, service is something that is not common anymore, unfortunately. However if you are looking for a provider that has the whole package Rates/ Great Customer Service; All Good Logistics is what you need.  Great Broker out there

Thank you!

Gabriela Bjork
LCL Customer Service Manager
Shipco Transport Inc.

Thank you for the amazing service
Picked up and delivered the same day!!

Kind regards,
Wendy Woynich
Operations Specialist
Vanguard Logistics, Chicago

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!

Best Regards,
Raquel L. Reed
Transportation Analyst
Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc.

I really enjoy working with you dear Michael, and my driver also keeps calling me to get
more of "those loads" (from allgood), and "I want to take all loads that he has" (from Michael).
(We) really appreciate your kindness and your professionalism, dear Michael, may God bless you and your
family I wish you the best things in the world

Gary Cooper
Ash Trucking

Thank you guys for the great service!

Otavio Cunha
LCL Export Customer Service
Shipco Transport, Inc.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and hope our paths cross again in the future.
You have been one of my most favorite and dependable trucking company to work with and I thank you for all the help on my Aptar shipments.

Thank you,
Claudia Andrade
Ocean Export Coordinator

Awesome!! You guys are kicking so good lately, thank you so much!!!

Thank you and best regards,
Rocio Salgado
International Logstics Solutions
Masterpiece International

Awesome! That’s impeccable. Thanks for all that you and your team do Mike!
We know it’s crazy times and yet, you guys provided this service.

Dawn Versetto
Branch Manager
Vanguard Logistics

Moving forward, you guys do a good job and I will make sure our office is aware to use you first if a shipment is out of state.

Thank You,
Tomasz Minorczyk
International Logistics Solutions
Masterpiece International






ALL GOOD LOGISTICS is proud to announce its officially certified as a Disability:IN Supplier.

ALL GOOD LOGISTICS provides domestic logistics solutions through a network of talented professionals. Founded in Bensenville, Illinois by Mike Yedinak, a man who has faced many life challenges. Mike was completely paralyzed on his right side when he was 12 years old and had to learn to walk and do basic life skills over again. His dream of playing major league baseball was crushed. He never regained full recovery of his right side though impaired he never let his disability get the best of him. He graduated from NIU and began his career in transportation. For over 30 years he has been dedicated to helping customers meet their shipping needs. Starting out as a sales rep in freight forwarding, working his way up the ranks to operations manager...running the day-to-day operations, and owning a small trucking company. He has done it all and his entrepreneurial spirt led him to opening up ALL GOOD LOGISTICS in 2019.

We would like to thank our shipping partners for your continued support and if your company is looking to expand your disability supplier inclusion ALL GOOD LOGISITICS can help by providing transportation services to small, medium and large-sized companies in need of 3PL transportation services in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our services include LTL, FTL, Expedited, Flatbed and Hazardous transportation along with excellent customer service to improve efficiency.

Download Our DOBE Certificate


Mike Yedinak


Mike has over 30 years of experience in the industry from freight forwarding to owning his own trucks to now running his own brokerage firm. Starting out as a sales rep in freight forwarding, working his way up the ranks to operations manager running the day-to-day operations. Moving to a career in transportation, managing and owning a small trucking company.

Now, Mike looks forward to being your Partner in Trucking with the new ALL GOOD LOGISTICS.

Eliseo Arredondo


Eliseo is a driving force at All Good Logistics, he brings his 16 years of experience and can-do done attitude to the team. He strives for great service by following up and always making sure the customer’s needs are handled. Fluent in Spanish he can assist your team with bilingual logistics services throughout the US and Mexico.

Vickie Bouchard

VP Marketing Officer

Vickie is an emmy award winning broadcast marketer with over 30 years experience.

Sam Deluna

Chief Financial Officer

Sam got his start at Lufthansa working in the international freight forwarding division. Working and going to school he managed to earn a bachelors in accounting from Devry Institute of Technology. With over 24 years in transportation and accounting Sam heads up our finance department.

Kevin Meinert

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has over 26 years experience in Information Technology.

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